The Case For Collaborating With Patient Platforms

Healint and Migraine Buddy were featured in last week, in an article dedicated to how pharma can use new technologies and collaborate with tech companies to improve patient outcomes:


In the bid to become pioneers, pharma companies could be missing a trick.

Another day, another launch of a pharma patient initiative. But while focusing on core channels and standalone platforms can seem appealing, patients are often already engaging with other platforms.

Bringing patient-centricity off the drawing board increasingly means pharma meeting patients where they are – and this can mean collaborating with existing patient-focused platforms. But with much of the innovation in this space coming from outside pharma, how are people making such partnerships work?

One tech start-up has come to pharma’s attention, thanks to its huge repository of patient-reported outcomes in the migraine space and other neurological conditions. Healint, makers of app and thriving online community Migraine Buddy, which has some 1.3million registered users, has recently partnered on different projects with firms including Teva, Novartis, Amgen, Sanofi and MSD.

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