By striving towards optimizing the way we listen to patients and understanding the full circle of chronic pain management, we aim to improve the quality of life and put the power of technology in the patient’s hands.


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Healint’s technology empowers patients, doctors, and researchers alike. Learn more about how we can help you.



Track your condition, understand your symptoms & triggers and share your reports with your doctor to get the best treatment possible.



Monitor closely the condition of your patients with the built-in report system. Measure the effectiveness of the treatment and actions prescribed.



Get access to real time data analytics and patient insights, expediting therapy innovation while reaching the right patients. Build patient engagement.

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Healint Platform and Solutions

The global community has recorded over 300,000,000 health events on our platform. Our data scientists use that wealth of information to deliver technology and solutions that improve the lives of the one billion people living with chronic pain conditions. Learn more about our platform and services for patients and health service providers today.


Migraine Buddy

With over 2 million registered users, Migraine Buddy is the #1 migraine app in the world. Track your migraine, understand your triggers, and share your migraine history with your doctor to get the best possible treatment.


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21.September 2019
Since our launch, we've watched the Migraine Buddy community grow at an astonishing rate. Every year, we have the pleasure of supporting thousands of new, impressively engaged users, without whom we wouldn't achieve this much. We are humbled and proud to get to see the impact that we make in their lives. Today we're thrilled to share a new milestone in our journey; over 2 million people are now using Migraine Buddy.


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