Healint supports Novartis in "Tame Your Migraine" campaign

Novartis' Tame Your Migraine campaign is about assisting patients managing the fear of migraine and the anxiety it brings. The campaign includes an online resource designed to inspire people with frequent migraine headaches to regain some of the control their migraines currently have.

Healint supports this initiative by providing migraine patients with a tracking platform, Migraine Buddy, that helps users record and identify triggers, symptoms, frequency and duration of their migraine attacks. In addition, Migraine Buddy measures the pain intensity and location of the migraines, as well as other lifestyle factors and any medication intake.

Linked to Tame Your Migraine, Healint also supports Speak Your Migraine, an online community and information hub for people living with migraines.

Migraine Buddy is the world’s largest migraine tracking and research platform. With more than 1.8 million registered users and 100 million migraine days tracked on the platform, Migraine Buddy is the most popular condition-specific app in the world, and a Top 10 medical app in the USA and Europe. Healint collaborates with the world's leading scientists to improve the diagnosis, treatment, and lives of patients suffering from multiple neurological conditions.

Tame Your Migraine is an initiative giving support and advice to those who are saying enough is enough.

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