by allowing doctors and health stakeholders to take advantage of mobile devices, sensors, machine learning and big data for the management of chronic diseases.



Healint has built a remote monitoring system for physicians to
manage chronic patients continuously outside the clinic.

Diverse Data Sources

Working with different types of data sources, Healint designs specific data acquisition methods to optimize the clinical outcomes.

Healint’s built-in sensor engine provide a comprehensive coverage that can not be done with other devices alone.

Intelligent platform & Meaningful outcome

Our algorithms provide contextual information to help making better treatment assessment. Pairing with our predictive analytics, we are steps closer to preventive care.

Data is securely stored to prevent theft and loss.

We designed systems that triage information to reduce human errors.

Adaptive Output

Being able to translate the outcomes in flexible formats allows the users to communicate effectively, and take action promptly.


Healint supports health stakeholders in the fields of
Migraine-Pain, Sleep, Stroke, Epilepsy, Respiratory

Convenient & insightful

“At my fingertips, I can track my conditions: It helps me to understand better triggers, symptoms and relief methods.

A personalized report helps me to take preventative measures

Comprehensive & Better Care

Comparing advanced personalized reports and charts, helps me to better diagnose and treat my patients.

Remote monitoring gives me access to my patient’s record in real time and makes each visit more efficient.

Customized time period comparisons allow me to evaluate the progress of my patient in between appointments.

High Quality Output & Time Saver

I find support to design my protocol with both the patients and the statistical validity in mind.

I get access to pre-existing historical data of good quality.

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Featured In

Migraine Buddy
Migraine Buddy Logo

Healint launched Migraine Buddy, an advanced migraine tracking and reporting application designed with the help of neurologists and data-scientists. Migraine Buddy has quickly become the #1 Migraine Tracking App on GooglePlay and is now also available in the iPhone App Store.

More than a simple diary to track and record migraines, Migraine Buddy is also the first global virtual study ever conducted on migraines. For more information, visit the Migraine Buddy website


Healint helps healthcare organizations and research institutions improve patient care using mobile technology.


Healint is a highly engaging and secured platform people use daily. Our partners leverage Healint to create new product, service, conduct research and to assist caregivers with their needs. Our partner include:

Healthcare Companies, to understand patient behaviors, consumption and adherence patterns, patient journey and quality of life.

Hospitals and Clinics, to provide outpatient monitoring, improve efficiency and workflow, improve outcomes, and provide insight into patient wellbeing in between visits.

Research Institution, to collaborate on research studies and better understanding patient behaviors.

Non-profit Disease Organizations, to increase awareness by providing insights to those affected with chronic diseases.

If your organization has an idea for working with the Healint platform, we want to hear from you!


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