Global B2C Product Manager


Healint is looking for a Global B2C Product Manager. The main stream of your role is to deliver user friendly products & solutions that empower individuals to manage their chronic pain conditions. Healint is the developer of the MigraineBuddy App with more than 100 million tracked migraine days and 1.4 million registered users.

You will own the vision and strategy for your product, you’ll define the roadmap and strategy, and deliver clear requirements that Engineers will use to bring your vision to life. You will report directly to the CEO.

Role & Responsibilities

As Product Manager, you will be working on the patient-side product from end to end. This product takes first the shape of "apps" for the visible part, but can include web modules, exports and links with other systems such as medical records. It will be in pain at first, as well as in multiple new indications touching the brain and the immune system, to help the patients in not being some "patients" anymore but "happy users" members of a community, from being "sick", to feel better day after day.

Ultimately, you will be building a "Google-maps for our health" or a "Waze for health", depending on which product you know best. You will lead the day to day relation with healthcare with its traps and painful surprises, as well as the long and complex patient journey requiring help to reach results.

You will be working with the team to create simplicity, and even pleasure from a world of extreme complexity and frustration for Hundreds of millions of patients.



  • Increasing the retention of users is your first priority. You are here to generate happiness and well-being.

  • Quantify, prioritize, organize, listen, communicate every second of your day.

  • Coordinate with the engineering team, the UX team, the data team, the prototyping team, the business team

  • Lead the full product cycle: ideation, research, design, development, and launch.

  • Product owner: own product experience for the entire patient journey.

  • Reduce the number of tickets for the Support team.

  • Develop instrumentation, logging, tracking, reporting, and analytics tools to allow for data collection and optimization of the user experience.

  • Think big and be humble, you will think modest step by modest step how to reach 100 Million users.



  • 7-8 years of work experience as a Product Manager at a technology company, that also includes data intensive product.

  • Methodic, organized, focused.

  • A magician or a bulldozer, you continuously create order from the chaos of ideas, needs, and solutions.

  • Strong analytical, troubleshooting, problem-solving and organization skills.

  • Experience building positively addictive B2C products, be it games, social, or any other behavior impacting and pleasure driven product.

  • Ability to quickly absorb technical concepts, strong interest in how it works “under the hood”.

  • Ability to go beyond high level tools is a plus, answer questions with SQL to understand the data team needs, capacity to design to understand and drive the UX freelancers, etc…

Typical tools:
Jira, Monday, Amplitude, Google analytics, Facebook analytics, home-grown analytics (ie: lovely pivot tables prepared by the data team), Google-play, Itunes, Facebook, pen(s) and paper as well as post-its, google-docs, Slack, Xmind, Trello, some design tools occasionally maybe and … Agile, Lean UX.

*Candidates who require work passes need not apply*

Who are we?

Healint is a leading maker of healthcare technology used all over the world. Healint leverages innovative techniques in software, data science and user experience design to empower people to manage their chronic conditions and diseases.

Healint’s first global program - the Migraine Buddy platform and its apps - helps a thriving community of users manage and track their migraines. To date, Migraine Buddy has recorded terabytes of data that helps patients, doctors and researchers better understand the real-world causes and effects of neurological disorders.

We're committed to revolutionizing healthcare technology, and are continually looking to add talented people to the Healint team. We promise challenging problems, an opportunity to have real impact on people's lives, and an environment where you'll learn rapidly from one of the best teams in Singapore.

At Healint, we share the same vision of the Product Manager duties. Check the video here below.

This is basically a 1 day product ownership course compressed into 15 minute animated presentation. There's obviously more to product ownership than this, so see this is a high level summary.