Healint wins the award of best Entrepreneur for Gender Diversity and Inclusion

Singapore, Wednesday, 27. March 2019.

Healint was attending the first annual AmCham Women HERo Awards . The objective of the HERo Awards is to recognise the significant efforts made by both individuals and organisations towards the advancement of gender equality in the workplace.

Healint has set an ambitious direction in regards to global expansion which requires an organization that
can leverage the globalization opportunities and an organization that is capable of adapting proactively to new realities. Diversity facilitates adaptation, it is a multiplier to performance if facilitated well and hence it is a necessity for a fast growing company such as Healint. Therefore, diversity has been called out as one of the main organizational focus areas going forward.

Healint provides equal opportunities for all employees and no employee may be discriminated because of background, race, religion, age, disabilities, sexual orientation or gender. This is the foundation on which Healint has built its approach to gender diversity.

From academics and research it has become evident that gender diversity is the most difficult form of diversity to succeed with and if an organization is able to leverage gender diversity it improves its general ability to leverage diversity in all kinds and shapes (incl. cultural, professional, religious, national). This is the reason why the Healint has decided to focus on improving gender diversity.

Gender diversity 1.jpg

The overall gender diversity ambition within Healint is:

To maximize the pool of talented female leaders within Healint by securing that talented females to a much higher degree are selected for management positions. This ambition will though never override that Healint will promote and recruit the most suitable and competent person for any position.

The long term ambition is to reach a balanced composition of genders at all leadership levels and in general to build a more diverse organization. This policy outlines several of the focus areas that have been identified to progress towards a gender balanced leadership composition. It is, however, important to notice that Healint will continuously evaluate the progress and the effect of the efforts made to ensure that the focus areas are impactful and effective and to allow for corrective actions in the event that this is not the case.

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