Data from Healint’s Migraine Buddy Platform of One Million Users to Be Presented at European Academy of Neurology Conference June 2018

New Alexa Feature Adds Convenience, Especially for Eighty Percent of Migraine Patients Who Experience Light Sensitivity During an Attack

Singapore (June 14, 2018) –Healint, the developer of Migraine Buddy, the world’s largest migraine tracking and research platform, today announced data on the impact of migraine on work productivity, unveiled in a poster presentation at the Fourth Congress of the European Academy of Neurology (EAN) June 16-19, 2018.

With its comprehensive network of one million users and 100 million migraine days tracked on the platform, Migraine Buddy contains patient reported data that generates real world evidence of the global burden of migraine worldwide. The study, entitled Evaluating the Impact of Migraine on Work Productivity in Switzerland Using Self -Reported Data from the Migraine Buddy Application, collected data from 1500 Migraine Buddy users in Switzerland during a 28-day observation period.

Insights uncovered from the study, co-authored by Healint’s president and chief executive officer Francois Cadiou, found:

  • The majority - 86.40% - of individuals reported their daily activities being affected by migraine.
  • On average, individuals reported missing 31.91 work days per year due to migraine.
  • About 2 out of 5 migraine patients (40.13%, n=1500) reported suffering from anxiety and/or depression in at least one migraine attack.
  • Migraine is reported to have a considerable impact on the lives of individuals.

“This is just a sample of the kinds of real world data we can generate from our platform to uncover just how impactful this silent disease can be on the lives of those who suffer,” says Cadiou. “Healthcare and lost productivity figures associated with migraine are costing the U.S. alone upwards of $35 billion annually, not to mention the burden the condition has on the patients themselves. Translating the impact into cost is necessary in order to help migraineurs finally have a voice. Innovative technology, as implemented in Migraine Buddy, can finally help patients and their doctors understand, diagnose and treat this complex condition for the best possible outcomes.”

Using sensor technologies, deep analytics and machine learning, the Migraine Buddy platform allows users to easily track all aspects of a migraine attack, including triggers, symptoms, medications, and pain intensity.

The Migraine Buddy platform, accessed via iOS and Android mobile devices and tablets, also includes pure voice control via Amazon’s Alexa, the first migraine tracking Skill launched in June 2018. The voice-enabled Skill feature supports the 80 percent of migraineurs who report being light sensitive during their migraine attacks, according to Migraine Buddy data. If a user feels an attack coming on, they can use the Alexa Migraine Buddy skill to log the precise moment their migraine starts and ends without having to look at the light from their mobile device.

The patient reported data logged in real time generates a migraine history report that they can easily share with their doctor.  Using this report, patients can better understand their condition; doctors can accurately diagnose the condition and advise patients on the best course of treatment.

Healint’s analytics also expedites therapy innovation while reaching the right patients for efficient clinical trials. Now, with the use of Healint’s real time views and insights, researchers can successfully execute high-quality and cost-effective clinical trials with nimble recruitment, minimal drop-out, and reliable reporting.

“We at Healint are the link between patients, physicians, pharmaceutical companies and researchers providing the real-time, patient-reported insights that are necessary to treat this common and debilitating condition. Ultimately, we aim to provide an artificial-intelligence powered navigation system that that enables each patient to obtain the best possible treatment at any point in time,” notes Cadiou.

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Nicolas Paris , Deniz Simsek , Deepak Chandrasekhar , Yingdan You , Christopher Ferruzzi , Francois Cadiou , Healint Pte. Ltd , Singapore , Novartis Pharma Schweiz AG , Switzerland

This study was funded by Novartis Pharma Schweiz AG, Switzerland.

*Poster presented at 4th European Academy of Neurology Congress, Lisbon, Portugal, 16–19 June 2018.*

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