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We at Healint help people better manage their condition and provide real time data analytics and communication platform with patients for healthcare companies. The tools and solutions are easy to use and offer meaningful insights.



At Healint, we understand the real world experience of people living with chronic pain. Using deep analytics and machine learning, we uncover insights from our wealth of data to improve patient outcomes and expedite clinical trials. Healint takes treatment development to the next level.


Healint Analytics - Learn, Improve and Iterate

Healint Analytics platform provides comprehensive real-world patient insights, expediting therapy innovation while reaching the right patients. Real-time views and superior insights which are easy to understand and act on. Contact us today for more information.


Real-Time Views
See what's happening, when it's happening–not weeks or months later.

Superior Insights
Get insights like medication satisfaction, dosing regimens, and new prescriptions. Real-world data like you've never seen before.

Rapid Response to Any Questions
Need specific answers, right now? Get answers quickly from qualified participants for the fastest research turnaround.


10 Million Patients Registry

Copy of Patient registry-4.png

Healint is proud to announce the launch of the 10 millions Patients Registry, an observational study method collecting uniform data in order to evaluate specific outcomes for a population type defined by a specific disease or condition, serving predetermined scientific purpose.

Because patient’s understanding of their own chronic disease is way better than many medical professionals, we at Healint, have decided that the 10m patients Registry will be patient led, where their insights will determine the research objective, determined by a voting system, already available in our mobile application, Migraine Buddy.


Clinical Trials - Complete Them Faster

Nimble recruitment, minimal drop-out, and  reliable reporting. These are the hallmarks of a successful clinical study. Healint's Clinical Trial Services make it easy for you to run high-quality clinical trials that are fast and cost-efficient. Help patients focus on getting better; don’t frustrate them with sub-optimal e-pros. Increase the efficiency of your clinical trials recruitment with us today.

I have used several migraine apps over the years including one recently where I was recording my migraines as I was taking part of a multi-institutional study through my neurologist. I can honestly say that “Migraine Buddy” is like no other app that I have used before; it is so detailed and enables the you, the user, to document the A-B-C’s of your migraine, clearly & concisely.
Migraine Buddy iPhone User (Feb 2018)
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Speedy Clinical Trials

Speedy Clinical Trials
Easily segment and refine your target demographic to find potential participants; we have all the information and channels you need for recruitment.

Exceptional Adherence
Our intuitive, easy to use e-pro delivers higher adherence rates. We designed it with the patient in mind, and it shines in comparison to other e-pro platforms.

Faster Feasibility Studies
Run faster feasibility studies with a readily accessible audience. FInd people that precisely match characteristics you need to determine whether a clinical trial is feasible.


The Digital Service Hub - Beyond The Molecule


76% of patients believe that pharma companies should provide services that complement their products

Accenture Research (2014)

How do you support people at different stages of their patient journey? Accessing care. Getting comfortable with therapy options. Finding relief. It can be really challenging to pull together an effective patient support program that’s easily accessible and user-friendly.

Healint's Service Hub is a single point of access for information and services patients need in conjunction with your product. It’s fully customisable and delivered directly to the phones of the largest neurology patient community in the world, or your patients only as your require.


Get closer to your patients
Are there ways to make it easier for your patients to access or get reimbursed for your product/service? Healint's Service Hub delivers the best patient experience for your brand.

Support and engage

Share videos and other essential resources with your patients and the largest neurology patient community through your customised Service Hub.

Keep them coming back

Help your audience by providing the right shortcuts that save them time and money.  With all the information and tools they need in one place, the Service Hub is a natural destination for them to return to, time after time.