Healint puts patients in control of their neurological conditions helping them obtain predictable and optimised treatment outcomes through its digital platform.

Bringing accurate data and patient voice to the medical world, the Healint platform enables doctors and researchers to discover real-world causes of pain and brain related disorders, including migraine. 



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Hear what it's like to have migraines, and how Migraine Buddy can help you.


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As a health care provider, you need accurate patient history to diagnose and recommend the best treatment. Ask your migraine patients to record their condition on Migraine Buddy to receive neatly formatted reports on their condition, including symptoms, pain intensity and medication usage.

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World's leading scientists, including Peter Godsby and XX Silberstein, collaborate with Healint to improve the diagnosis, treatment and lives of patients with neurological conditions and chronic pain, including migraine.

Contact us for more information if you're a researcher interested in collaboration.


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