Medical Data Scientist


About Healint

Healint is a leading maker of healthcare technology used all over the world. Healint leverages innovative techniques in software, data science and user experience design to empower people to manage their chronic conditions and diseases.

Healint’s first global program - the Migraine Buddy platform and its apps - helps a thriving community of users manage and track their migraines. To date, Migraine Buddy has recorded terabytes of data that helps patients, doctors and researchers better understand the real-world causes and effects of neurological disorders.

We're committed to revolutionizing healthcare technology, and are continually looking to add talented people to the Healint team. We promise challenging problems, an opportunity to have real impact on people's lives, and an environment where you'll learn rapidly from one of the best teams in Singapore.

Role & Responsibilities

As a Medical Data Scientist, you will interacted with patients in the field of diagnosis and treatment selection, as a Medical Doctor or a nurse, and you can program in high level language used for data treatment such as Scala or Python to program and test your own Machine Learning algorithms and data pipelines. Experienced with research papers and patents would be a plus. 

Ultimately, you will be building the brain of a "Google-maps for our health" or a "Waze for health".
You will be working with the team to create simplicity, and even pleasure from a world of extreme complexity and frustration for Hundreds of millions of patients.



  • Patent research and patent drafting, in collaboration with lawyers
  • Fundamental research, algorithms design, feature engineering training and testing
  • Medical research papers production.
  • Medical validity confirmation, comparison with other research papers.
  • Managing relations with Medical doctors in the field of research



  • Theoretical and practical medical knowledge 
  • Deep understanding of the psychology of patients, doctors, and researchers
  • Capable of drilling yourself in data with SQL
  • Capable of designing features yourself with Python for the initial model, with Scala for real-time processing.
  • Ability to quickly absorb technical concepts, strong interest in how it works “under the hood”
  • Ability to go beyond high level tools is a plus, answer questions with SQL to understand the data team needs., capacity to design to understand and drive the UX freelancers, etc… 


Typical tools:

Python and extensions, Scala, SQL, Jira, Monday, excel, google patents, google scholar.