Intelligence for a better life. 


Healint is a leading maker of healthcare technology used all over the world. Healint leverages innovative techniques in software, data science and user experience design to empower people to manage their chronic conditions and diseases.

Healint’s first global program - the Migraine Buddy platform and its apps - helps a thriving community of users manage and track their migraines. To date, Migraine Buddy has recorded terabytes of data that helps patients, doctors and researchers better understand the real-world causes and effects of neurological disorders.


Our Beginning

We began with a simple question: how could we improve quality of life for people who suffer from chronic conditions?

We believe that data has the power to transform the way patients manage their conditions, the way pharmaceutical companies design medicines, the way doctors treat their patients, and much more. 

We started by trying to help people who suffer from migraines, and launched Migraine Buddy in 2014. 


Great app for keeping track of migraine and headaches. Recognising triggers and identifying patterns that help and hinder coping with migraine. The reports are a fantastic tool for sharing with your GP. Highly recommend!

— Migraine Buddy user Mileeeqwee, via the app store


Today, Migraine Buddy reaches hundreds of thousands of users around the world, and for many, it's become an indispensable app.

We believe we're still at Day One: deploying new techniques in machine learning, big data and artificial intelligence could help create even more value for our loyal users. 


Our Mission and Values

Healint is a healthcare platform company. 

We are focused on continuing to build world-class digital healthcare products for our customers across a variety of chronic conditions, and believe we will create tremendous value across the healthcare stack with our expertise.


We strive to understand the needs of our users better than anybody, and to present our work in clear, simple and thoughtful ways that empower our users and partners to solve challenging health problems in their lives. We believe in embracing new technology, experimenting patiently, rapidly iterating, asking lots of questions and learning every day. 



We're committed to revolutionizing healthcare technology, and are continually looking to add talented people to the Healint team. We promise challenging problems, an opportunity to have real impact on people's lives, and an environment where you'll learn rapidly from one of the best teams in Singapore.

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