Healint helps the one billion people globally who suffer from migraine and other neurologic conditions. Using deep analytics and machine learning, we uncover insights from our wealth of data so you can improve patient outcomes and expedite clinical trials. At Healint, we understand the real world experience of people living with migraine. Together with health service providers, we are committed to the continuous improvement of their health and well-being.


Healint Analytics - Learn, Improve and Iterate

The Healint platform offers you the opportunity to take therapy development to the next level and improve achieve optimum patient outcomes. The Healint Analytics platform provides comprehensive real-world patient insights, expediting therapy innovation by while reaching the right patients. All shared with you in a way that’s easy to understand and act on. Contact us today for more information on our Analytics services.


Real-Time Views
See what's happening, when it's happening–not weeks or months later.

Superior Insights
Get insights like medication usage, dosing regimens, provider visits, and new prescriptions. Healint Analytics gives you access to real-world data like never before.

Rapid Ad-hoc Responses
Need specific insights, right now? Get answers quickly from qualified participants for the fastest research turnaround.