Healint's continuous engagement in gender diversity and inclusion

The company who promotes gender and diversity performs better financially. This is one of the major takeaways from the 4th Asian Women Leadership Summit, held in Singapore on the 10th of May 2019.

The leaders from across industries look at exploring working models as the challenges and opportunities offered via gender diversity are significant. This year’s summit was not only about women at work but also about male champions, empowering diversity in the work environment. According to the panel, comprised of Senior male leaders across the industries, it is crucial to understand the difference between equity and equality, but not only. We must take an active role to be able to access the corridors of power, and this doesn’t only start from good intentions. We need to be a road unblocker, understand what career roots team members would actively like to embrace. Gender diversity, including building women leaders starts from personal beliefs:
* actively listening to people inspirations and being aligned where they see themselves in their careers.
* avoiding the “alone” leadership situations, where one gender is in the minority.
* build active mentorship programs for better talent promotion and retention.

Finally, it’s not about gender, but about companies and individuals promoting diversity and inclusion. Each gender needs to be an ally and a part of this inclusion. Therefore, it is beyond just checking the box; it’s about continuous efforts towards equality and unconscious bias checking. 

Healint is a proud winner of AmCham Women HERo Awards - Entrepreneur Category. Click HERE to find out more about Healint’s efforts in gender diversity and inclusion.

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