American Academy of Family Physicians gives Migraine Buddy 5 stars

Family physicians regularly help patients deal with acute and chronic pain. One study estimated that more than 126 million people in the United States had reported some level of pain in the previous three months and that 25 million people suffer from daily pain – often quite severe.

Mobile devices can help patients better understand the causes of their pain, which can help them better cope with their conditions, and provide doctors with data they need to recommend or alter treatment. To help doctors guide patients to the best apps, American Academy of Family Physicians / MD David Rebedew focused on four that earned top ratings when reviewed using FPM's “SPPACES” criteria, including Healint's Migraine Buddy for migraine management.

In summary, Migraine Buddy received 5/5 stars in this rating, being praised as 'a great app that helps patients gain insight into their migraine triggers and the most useful treatments'.

What's more, Migraine Buddy was found to 'increase patient engagement and help patients become more cognizant of how migraine attacks start and how to treat them'. Migraine Buddy also 'allows patients to provide their physician with a summary of migraine symptoms, frequency, and previous treatments'.

Read full review here (originally published in Family Practice Management, July-August 2018).

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