Today Online: More than just a bad headache

Today Online, August 11, 2018: According to data collected by Healint, a Singapore-based digital health start-up that developed a migraine tracking app and research platform called Migraine Buddy, more than four in five migraine sufferers report their daily activities being affected by migraine. It recently shared findings on the global burden of migraine at the 4th Congress of the European Academy of Neurology held in Lisbon. About a third of 215 users in Singapore surveyed reported suffering from anxiety and/or depression in at least one migraine attack. The Migraine Buddy app, which currently has over one million users worldwide, tracks migraine attacks, including triggers, symptoms, medications, and pain intensity. It also includes voice control via Amazon’s Alexa, the voice service's first migraine tracking Skill launched in June, to support -- according to its data -- 80 per cent of migraine sufferers who report light sensitivity during their migraine attacks.

Reported by Evaline Gan - read the full article on Today Online.

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