Novartis pilots an employee migraine support program with Healint

Elena Ruiz de la Torre, Executive Director of EMHA- European Migraine and Headache Alliance says: "Despite living with such an incapacitating condition, people living with migraine strive to be very productive but need better relief from symptoms, and support in the workplace to ensure they can achieve their full potential.”

That’s why Novartis has created a pilot program in collaboration with patient groups and leading experts in neurology, telemedicine and digital, including Healint. The program aims to raise awareness of migraine in the workplace and provide free coaching to Novartis employees and family members. As part of the program, Novartis associates will have access to an exclusive version of Healint’s Migraine Buddy, the world's largest migraine tracking and research platform used by more than one million people. Novartis and Healint have a global alliance which includes joint support of the Migraine Buddy mobile application to improve the patient-physician conversation, and ultimately, patient care.

For more information, please visit the Novartis press release here.

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