Migraine Buddy ranked as the #1 migraine app by Axon

What makes our Migraine Buddy app stand out - and win one ranking after the other? Read it all here.


Here's also review from one of our app users:

“I have had chronic daily migraines for nearly 17 years and have tried many ways of calendaring and tracking them over time. With apps, I thought this would become easier but this was not the case…until Migraine Buddy, this is the first app that I have found that works for someone with chronic migraines. The format of this app is very user friendly and customizable, it also tracks things like sleep patterns and weather conditions that I normally wouldn’t track on my own. I especially like that I can enter the start time of the migraine and then the app lets me leave the detailed entry until later if necessary because let’s be honest, when you have a migraine the last thing you want to do is look at a screen and have to enter detailed information about how you feel. But the other great feature of this app is that it checks back in with you periodically so you don’t forget to track that important headache information later on when you’re feeling better. Also, have found that it helps me keep track of the number of times a week that I treat a migraine and can enter in the ‘notes’ the exact treatment information which is very important tracking information for anyone who suffers from migraines. This app has made tracking my migraines easier and I highly recommend it for anyone with migraines and especially if you have chronic migraines.”

Healint Singapore